MLS Week 29

Discussion in 'Wagering' started by Justin O, Oct 9, 2003.

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    on the run from the covid
    Market Averages
    Chicago vs Columbus 1.69 3.36 4.21
    Colorado vs San Jose 2.49 2.98 2.60
    Kansas City vs Los Angeles 1.95 3.10 3.43
    New England vs D.C.United 2.23 2.93 2.87
    MetroStars vs Dallas 1.58 3.43 4.98

    Highest Prices
    Chicago vs Columbus 1.75 3.70 4.80
    Colorado vs San Jose 2.60 3.10 2.90
    Kansas City vs Los Angeles 2.10 3.30 3.60
    New England vs D.C.United 2.30 3.10 3.20
    MetroStars vs Dallas 1.65 3.60 6.00

    Hmm...DC? KC? Will have to ponder further...
  2. Wizardscharter

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    No pondering here.

    Clb@Chi - I'll take the risk on a road dog. Chicago is in a new building and CLB is desparate. CLB also got a bit of a reprieve in that NE lost Twellman. Psychologicly, that a boost that makes CLB's task of exiting thecellar all that more realistic. It's worth a shot at 4.8

    SJ@COL - Donovan is mouthing off and COL is slumping. Draw worth a shot for some.

    LA@KC - Klein and Preki hot. LA not

    dc@NE - Tough one. YOu never know how losing your star will effect a team the first game out. dc has played well on the road, so I'll take the risk for a biger reward.

    DAL@MET - Dallas on the road, enough said. Odds are so low, I'd leave this one alone unless you are a Metros fan.

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