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    I'd like to track how people feel the MLS players who are at the World Cup are performing. And also I'm interested by the fans of the teams the players are from if you have predictions on how they will do. As a Rapids fan, the exercise for me is purely academic.

    Costa Rica (6):
    Francisco Calvo (Minnesota United)
    David Guzman (Portland Timbers)
    Ronald Matarrita (NYCFC)
    Marcos Urena (LAFC)
    Rodney Wallace (NYCFC)
    Kendall Waston (Vancouver Whitecaps)

    Egypt (1):
    Omar Gaber (LAFC)

    Mexico (3):
    Giovanni Dos Santos (LA Galaxy)
    Jonathan Dos Santos (LA Galaxy)
    Carlos Vela (LAFC)

    Panama (6):
    Harold Cummings (San Jose Earthquakes)
    Fidel Escobar (New York Red Bulls)
    Anibal Godoy (San Jose Earhquakes)
    Adolfo Machado (Houston Dynamo)
    Michael Murillo (New York Red Bulls)
    Roman Torres (Seattle Sounders)

    Peru (2):
    Andy Polo (Portland Timbers)
    Yoshimar Yotun (Orlando City)

    Sweden (1):
    Gustav Svensson (Seattle Sounders)

    Belgium (1*):
    Laurent Ciman (Named as a standby by Belgium, and will only go to Russia in the event of an injury)
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    I'm curious as well.

    I feel bad for Ciman. He'd have been perfect for the England match.
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    4 out of 19 MLS players reached the Round of 16. Weighting the teams by how many MLS players they had, the average MLS player got 1.89 points. The average points per team was 4.22. 12 out of 19 MLS players are on clubs in the Pacific Time Zone, with 5 in the Eastern and 2 in the Central.

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