MLS planning a 24/7 Soccer channel

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    MLS planning a 24/7 Soccer channel, mention of ch 5 in England
    Leiweke, speaking to Los Angeles fans before their playoff match with San Jose, effectively pre-empted MLS commissioner Don Garber's MLS Cup final speech. He also noted a new 24/7 soccer channel on cable television and future plans for AEG's involvement in MLS.

    The entertainment group's plans for a new soccer channel on US television will be warmly received by MLS fans, who currently watch matches on ABC/ESPN and Fox Sports Net, as well as local television. It is not currently known what level of coverage the new channel will be supply, although the possibilities of selling on matches to other countries is of interest.

    "We'll be watching this situation very closely," said a spokesman for Channel 5 - who have supplied MLS games to a UK national audience since 1997 - this morning. "It is to the benefit of US leagues to 'sell' their product abroad through the television media."

    Channel 5 currently have a year-on-year deal with ESPN International through their sports production company Live and Dangerous.

    An official expansion announcement will be made near the end of the month by Garber, who is set to add that MLS' financial viability has improved vastly, with profitability in sight.

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