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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Salsa Supremo, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Besides the obvious improvements that you know are gonna be implemented in the US before occurring in europe (replays used to help make calls, less congested schedule, robotic referees, etc). Does anyone get any sense of how MLS plans to relinquish the current single entity financial format of MLS, and whether they will try to make it more like the NFL (hard salary cap) or more like baseball (laissez-faire) in the way that teams have control over payroll and personell? I only ask cause I don't think it has ever been asked and with big money from Adidas coming in you have to start wondering if Don Garber will be the one to uphold a tryannical grip on the financial aspect or wether he will be the on "to give MLS back her true self?"
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    Aug 16, 2002
    I think the letters NASL mean that MLS will never have a baseball approach to salaries.

    As for looking for the end of SEM....whoa there, boy...I think the league needs to demonstrate the ability to turn a profit across the board for years before the owners will even contemplate a change in ownership models.

    Which of course, begs the question "what is this 'true self' of MLS that you speak of, Cochise?". For me, the 'true self' of MLS is a league that has done all it can to make sure that it survives...and frankly, that means SEM for a good while longer.
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    I don't think Garber would be stupid enough to relinquish control to a baseball-like atmosphere sans-cap. I do think at some point the league might let the clubs own their contracts but only at a point when the league is in better financial standings. I'm not saying they're in trouble now but I think every team needs to have shown a profit one year before getting into that.
  4. I think single entity is the wave of the future. All of the other sports present themselves as if the sport were most important. They try to do what is right for the sport. Then, some owners let their egos get in the way and go crazy with unjustifiably high salaries. Agents and greedy players get involved and the whole sport is pulled down. The current state of team sports does not auger well for the future. Single entity ensures rationality. I don't want to see huge, multimillion dollar salaries drag down all sports, especially when the Ron Artests of the world would rather promote their CD's or clothes or whatever rather than play for a championship.

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