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    Jun 4, 2004
    OK... so I've spent some of my free time in the past couple months programming an old-school-style soccer game for the PC and now it's close to done. It will have throwback Super Nintendo style graphics but should have much better gameplay and AI than Super Nintendo soccer games ever had. I think it will be a fun game, and I'm hoping to put it online for free download once it is all finished. It is going to be all MLS teams (maybe I'll throw in European clubs later in a sequel).

    While I'm almost done, I need feedback to help me get this game finished and (hopefully) availableE for download:

    1st of all, since I don't plan on making any profit whatsoever, would I need approval from MLS to use its team names and stuff in the game? I have no familiarity with copyright law/etc. at all. I just did this initially because FIFA 2005 pisses me off, and once I got started making an MLS game was kind of fun.

    Secondly, I plan on putting a mode in the game called "MLS 2030" or something like that, and it will allow users to play in kind of an ideal, well-established MLS of the future. For this mode I'm wanting to have 24 teams with unique colors, badges, stadium names and 18-man rosters. I'm assuming no teams move or relocate, so I've got the currently established 12 teams, so I want to add 12 more teams that people would like to see. Here's what I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on:

    #1 - here are 11 markets im leaning towards including in my 'ideal' MLS:
    New York, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, Miami, Rochester, San Antonio, Philadelphia
    As far as the other one, im trying to choose between Cleveland, Oklahoma, and Toronto, but ANY feedback on any other place you'd like to see an MLS team is welcome.

    While I kind of have an idea what markets I want to use, I still then have to come up with a nickname, colors, badges, stadium names, and fictional 18-man rosters for all of these teams. To this end, I have NOTHING. So any suggestions that anyone has (I appreciate any help I can get) are more than welcome. I dont care if the names are 'American' or 'European' or even 'Mexican,' I'm really just looking for ideas and I know you guys have lots of them.

    One other thing I could use some suggestions on:
    with 24 teams, should i have two 12-team conferences and play a 34 game schedule (2x vs. comference teams and 1x vs. non-conference) or - since it's a video game and season length/fatigue wont matter so much, should i just have a single table and a 46 game season?

    So I know many of you guys will likely never play my little free throwback game, in fact if making it available online would violate some kind of copyright law i may never make it available at all (although I think then I could use the current markets but just change nicknames/colors/etc. so they're not like MLS now anymore). Anyway I'd really appreciate if you all would just throw out suggestions about your vision of MLS if you could. If you were making this game or controlling the league, what would you want?

    Thanks for all the help I get (hopefully you all will respond)!!!

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