MLS Draft Questions.

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Catfish, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Catfish

    Catfish Member

    Oct 1, 2002
    Arsenal FC
    When and where is the MLS Draft taking place? Do fans attend like in other leagues?

    Just curious. Thanks alot.
  2. Viking64

    Viking64 Member

    Feb 11, 1999
    Tarheel State
    Originally no, but they are moving that way. Last year or the year before, they did the draft in the same place as some soccer coaches convention. I think some people did attend just for the draft.

    I don't know if they will do that again, but I seem to recall that the League liked the way it went when they did that.
  3. KCFutbol

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    Jun 14, 2001
    Overland Park, KS
    Kansas City Wizards
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    United States
    Correct. Last year it was in Kansas City in conjunction with the coaches convention.

    Seemed to have worked fairly well.
  4. harttbeat

    harttbeat Member

    Dec 29, 1998
    New York
    Last year BS traffic slammed one of the site hosting the draft coverage. Hopefully, whoever hosting the draft online will know we've whole bunch of ppl curious what their team gonna do. I hope BigsoccerRadio or/and FSW can work out something that we can get the superdraft.
  5. myshap

    myshap Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    Columbus Crew
    They are going to do it again with the NSCAA convention Jan. 14-18 in Charlotte, N.C. At least that's what I heard.

    I would hope MLS or BS steps up with draft coverage this year. Last year Matchnight carried the whole load as far as audio coverage went and it totally crashed their system. There needs to be another broadcast to help with the load.

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