Mitt's aims to make new players feel wanted

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by birdie428, Aug 25, 2006.

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    That's why as much as I miss some of the veterans, I'm glad some of them are gone. The "fab five" or whatever they used to call them with Mia, Joy, Brandi, Lilly, and Foudy were a click and if they didn't like you, you had an uphill battle or no chance at all it seems. Ask Debbie Keller. And I always wanted to know why Brianna Scurry is never put into the "fab five" group"? She is just as responsible and maybe even more than some of them for all the wins and championships. but yet whenever you see a group picture of them, she is never included. That's why I'm glad Ryan is starting fresh. No Brandi.
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    The "Fab Five" isn't really the appropriate name for them. They were the last of the original players. That group didn't include Scurry or, for that matter Milbrett, if you are talking about players that were integral to their success.

    There were a lot of players who felt the way Mitts did. It's the nature of any human group interaction. Look at any team, company, school...there are always groups within groups. Shared experience is what makes the walls between the groups fall, as she alluded to in the interview. The USWNT isn't any different from any other collection of people. Why should we be surprised at that?

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