MISL History Game of the "Week" Golden Bay Earthquakes at Phoenix Inferno 12-11-82

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    My good good Englishman Godfrey Ingram travels to Phoenix to try and climb the standings against the Inferno who are off to a “Hot” start. Steve David leads the Inferno in scoring. Jon Miller is on the call-a hall of fame broadcaster who most of you will remember from MLB. Fantastic work…

    Halftime interview with Ron Neman. He is in town scouting Phoenix a couple nights ahead of San Diego at Phoenix.

    The Inferno have about 7900 fans in for this one. A short-lived career for both franchises…let’s get it on!


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    Wow I had no idea Jon Miller did MISL games (and I'm from Baltimore)!

    Roger Thompson doing a spot on Ozzy Osbourne impression.

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