MISL History Game of the "Week" Dallas Sidekicks at Tacoma Stars 1-19-92

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    This Rivalry continues into the very last season of our glorious MISL/MSL. Big changes are awaiting every franchise in this league as it has been paired down even more over the years, even removing the letter I a couple of years before in the effort to be the one significant group to be sanctified by the US Federation for recognition in advance of the World Cup in 1994. Alas, it is not enough, as we do see a few players get outdoor caps like Clavijo from San Diego, and a couple of maybe unlikely players who are in this game.

    Jeff Agoos is in his first season with the Sidekicks, and his last as he is busy with the US Men's National Team. A product of JJ Pearce in Richardson, Jeff went onto over 100 appearances for the Americans and had his time in MLS as well...

    Another even more unlikely candidate to cap is Jim Gabarra, although it was all futsal, except an Olympic Qualifying run. A true nomad, Jim landed on many teams over the years, but is talented enough still to make squads and a difference in 1992...

    Plenty of firepower on every team in this league as you can imagine with only 7, unlucky teams as it remains...



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