PBP: Minnesota United @ Rapids • Sat. • 8pm

Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by unkiemark, May 6, 2021.

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    Awesome to get the come from behind win. I was out of town, then a busy work day, and have not even seen highlights yet. I'm looking forward to them. And to being at the next home game hopefully.
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    I felt the opposite. Now, I confess I didn’t think the Rapids would win but I thought the momentum was starting to shift a little before halftime and they could make game of it. As noted, Basset coming on for the injured Namli was huge. He instantly made a difference. What also happened in that substitution was Shinyaski and Barrios switched sides. Shinyaski moving left and Barrios to the right. Maybe, because I had a birds eye view of Shinyaski vs Chase Gaspar, and it frustrated the living shit outta that I noticed the difference between him and Barrios. Shinyaski Had his heels to the line and Gaspar just kept him there. He was no harm. When he was “allowed” to cut inside, he turned the ball back outside when Gaspar came close or tried to dribble though multiple defenders. It didn’t work. Shinyaski had so many opportunities to make diagonal runs in behind Gaspar but was so frustrated by Gaspar he didn’t see them. The diagonal lanes were clear as day. I can see them sitting in Section 105 Row 3. Anyways…..Barrios switched over and immediately his small size and shiftiness were a lot for Gaspar to handle. Barrios took him off the dribble, consistently made that diagonal run that Shinyaski was ignoring, and turned Gasoer inside-out a few times getting to the end line and whipping at least three balls across the face of goal. We couldn’t get on the end of two and I think we nicked the post from shot from the other ball. I had this feeling, if we kept working that side of Gaspar we could make a game of it. As it turns out….. we had a ton of success the second half on Gaspar’s side.
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    Wilson?? What a joke! Yes, he scored the game-winner, but he was directly responsible for both goals we conceded. He committed a needless foul for the DFK for the first goal and made a bad challenge and couldn't recover for the second goal.

    He's still not good enough defensively. He's not Deklan Wynne bad - he does make some good plays - but we need a better CB than him.
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    Wilson simply doesn't have the speed or quickness needed in emergency defending so that when we see the wrestling matches break out with him.
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    I think this is overly harsh on Wilson. The foul was barely that and the bigger issue on the goal was Yarbrough's horrendous positioning.

    On the second goal it was Namli's injury that was the crux of that. Gave up the ball to easily while the team was transitioning upfield and immediately crumpled to the turf. This set up an immediate pass to the attacker sitting in front of the back line between Trusty and Wilson. Yes, Wilson made a bad step towards the attack but it was Namli's man coming unmakred that got the ball in a return pass at full speed that just left Wilson int he dust. At that point it was 2 v 2 and Trusty moved to cover the ball carrier that Wilson couldn't catch, leaving his man open for the easy pass and score. It was the right move for Trusty to make but it was Namli's injury combined with Wilson's lack of speed (a well known issue that should surprise nobody) that was the cause. Hard to blame Wilson for being who he is, he didn't do much wrong in that sequence.

    All that said, Bassett should have been MOTM, or Price.
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    Wilson has a bad reputation, but then again, so should anyone who played during the Hudson days.

    Wilson has actually done a really nice job at CB the last 10-15 games or so. He's not the quickest, which doesn't allow for him to cover for as many mistakes.

    I would say Abubakar makes just as many mistakes, if not more, than Wilson does in a given 90min span. Lalas's saving grace is his speed to close the gap. However, Wilson's vision and distribution is better than Abubakars distribution and vision. How many times have you seen Abubakar kick a ball 50-60 yards to a wingers foot..? Wilson does this 2-3 times a game at the least

    The biggest issue I can see with Wilson recently is that he seems to be the "focus" of the goal, when in reality he's stuck trying to cover for other defensive mistakes already happened upfield. He's made many great possession stopping tackles, and has good distribution as well. When he's forced to cover an entire 3rd of the field because the midfield lost possession of the ball and it's now a 2v2 or even 3v2 at full speed? Name me one defender in the WORLD who will defend those every single time, every single game.

    I don't think hes a 600K a year defender, but then again, we're not paying him 600K a year anymore either.

    And yes, Bassett should have been MOTM as well in my book- but Wilson put in a good shift.
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    Oops. But the analysis is the same. The Rapids stunk the first half. They dominated the second half, particularly after Lewis entered. I thought the energy level changed, although part of it was MN running on fumes.
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