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  1. bkn0528

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    Aug 2, 2003

    interview with gabriel milito by AS after Madrid game. I didn't see the game but heard he played quite well. I like milito - I think he carries himself with a lot of dignity. you know it was devestating for him what happened over the summer but he just moved on. I think Perez made a mistake over this one. But then, I think he just didn't want to allow Valdano to buy until he had the fire sale.
  2. anirbanblah

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    Jan 16, 2002
    He earned my respect with jhow he carried himself during the whole farcical transfer and after seeing him play I feel we lost out big time. The boy is in a different league, in fact he feels like a dark-haired Puyol. He anticipates and reads the game well, gets into defensive positions brilliantly, closes down empty spaces, intercepts passes, tackles flawlessly, has the pace to keep up with the likes of Inzaghi, distributes calmly and intelligently. and at the offensive end, gets into good positions on setpieces. His performance yesterday reminded me a little of Thuram against barca in Barca last year, he was just everywhere.

    zaragoza has been very unimpressive this season but in the two matches I have seen so far, Milito has been a standout, a monster. And all this when he still has 4 years before he hits his defensive prime, after having played just a dozen odd matches on another continent.

    Everytime I see pavon stranted hopelessly out of position or raul Bravo (who I must say is getting better, his speed is a huge asset with pavon being his partner) losing every header he contests for, while Milito goes through a quarter of the season with no sign of injury, I feel that this is a move where we screwed up big time.
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    Gaby is a HUGE defender, I agree with anir's post in its integrity!

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