Miklos Molnar

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Helghallen, Oct 26, 2003.

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    It's hard not to read that and think of how good KC might have been and where they might be today with him up front. KC hasn't had a solid presence at FWD since his departure. Among other things, his leaving was probably the original catalysts to trading Henderson and eventually giving up the #1 for Wolff. That #1 could have been one of any number of rookies who had smoking seasons in '03. Hendu was quite obviously a huge mistake not only in retrospect, but many of us thought so in the moment as well. Wolff may well work out next year, but doubtless he would not have been traded for if Molnar was still in blue.

    While I'm here: FIRE CJ!!!

    Anyway...In just thinking about it you might be able to draw a loose connection to Molnar and the Brown/Fabbro trades. How much better would Brown have been with another 3 years of playing with Molnar in practice every day? How much better would our defenders be if they had to cover his brick sh1thouse of a body all over the field? How many ties would have turned into wins over the last 3 seasons? Would those points have turned into LA facing us in Game 3 here last year? Miami in '01? How much more productive could the midfield have been with not only a solid target to find, but also the bald Dane defending up front as he was capable of doing?

    Molnar's leaving is the definition of a "devistating loss". KC has had 3 seasons to recover. Obviously they still have not done so in that position or as a team. It almost hurts a little bit.

    Speaking of devistating losses...the conversation unfortunately brings the question of the direction of KC in the post-Preki era. There isn't an obvious direction/solution/plan B/ or anything. KC would have been Dallas-lite without #11. It's scary. To me the only good things are that will be forced to draft youth at some point and maybe CJ will be forced to leave due to poor results.

    Another point to make is that even without a force of any kind up front Gansler has still produced what he has. That sort of solid direction will be of an even higher neccessity in the coming years post-Preki.

    If I'm Hunt Sports: The first thing I do is wish CJ well and hire a) someone intimately familiar with the youth structure in US Soccer and b) someone capable of selling the game when Lamar isn't around to do it for the organization. This doesn't have to be the same person. CJ does not appear to be either. Insultingly patronizing and cordial guy, but he isn't either a or b. Both will be paramount going forward, again, if I'm HSG.

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    As well as the #1 shirt. I personally do not want Bo between the sticks for a whole season.

    The Hendo trade still pissess me off. Bob's reason for giving him up was "market value". Bob, he has always been a "high market player". You know the ones you want to hold on to for a long time.

    Idea Trade Quill for Ralston?
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    Re: Re: Miklos Molnar

    Why on earth would NE pull the trigger on that deal? If they would, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

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