Midfield play in Community Shield

Discussion in 'Liverpool' started by 655321, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Jul 21, 2002
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    I really thought our midfield activity was the pits on Sunday. We couldn't keep possesion to save our lives. The passing got better as the game went on, thank god. I think we clearly need at least 4 midfielders in every game.
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    Aug 8, 2002
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    I agree somewhat

    I agree that we lost that game in the midfield. If you are going to play three up top, one of the three needs to come back and distribute and set up play. Heskey didn't do it. Owen is a finisher and Diouf was the only real threat throughout the game. HE came back but he was often too wide.

    Cheyrou, Gerrard, Hamann and Murphy (Diao) is a midfield that could do some damage and possess the ball.

    Riise is a great attacking winger, in the overlap but not in the possession game.

    The back four should be Riise, Henchoz, Babbel and Hyypia.

    Owen and Diouf up top. Maybe putting Heskey on the bench will wake him up.
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    Re: I agree somewhat

    Yeah I think it is time for Heskey to sit and watch for a while. He provided nothing during that bad stretch last year which cost us the title, and hasn't really shown he has regained his form.

    Diouf on the other hand is faster and more skillful and has been more dangerous all preseason. If Gerard is going to go with 3 forwards (see Houllier email thread for his post game comments) he should use Jari in a withdrawn role.

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