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Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by feuerfex, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. feuerfex

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    Apr 21, 2001
    Couldn't find anything about this here - so thot I'd ask.

    Erush played for the Galaxy Friday night in their game with Necaxa. Has he changed teams? Does this portend him changing teams? or ????
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    Foss was on the bench, as well.

    I don't think they've joined the Galaxy. Rather, LA probably just needed a few extra players.
  3. Zman Gunner

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    Feb 7, 2003
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    DC United also borrowed a few Crew reserves (Jamal Sutton, Jake Traeger)back in June for their friendly against Rochester so I assume that Erush is still a Rapid. With a 28 man roster and reserve games forthcoming in 2005, I would think that most teams will want to return most of their 2004 benchwarmers.
  4. greenie

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    Feb 6, 2000
    Boulder, CO
    Erush is a SoCal native who also went to college in the area (Loyola).

    In the offseason it's very common for players (especially younger ones) to participate in friendlies and "unofficial" (ahem) training sessions with other clubs, both pro or amateuer.

    MLS has a ton of Californians as it is, but LA, San Diego and the bay area attract a ridiculous amount of players in the offseason. Every major area in Cali has at least one regular pick-up game every week that features a number of MLS players (among others).
  5. rapidfan

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    May 13, 2003
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    Erush has solid skills, certainly the potential to be a starter in the MLS.
  6. Bonji

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    From his own mouth...or keyboard.

    This was in a new article on www.coloradorapids.com checking up on players' off-season plans.

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