Metros alltime leading goalscorers

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    Jan 25, 2001
    I'm going around and posting this at each of the team boards, so enjoy. FYI, the continental part would be the Copa Merconorte that the Metros played in 2001.


    41-Giovanni Savarese
    33-Clint Mathis
    21-Adolfo Valencia
    20-Rodrigo Faria
    17-Eduardo Hurtado
    16-John Wolyniec
    15-Antony De Avila
    15-Alex Comas
    13-Peter Villegas
    13-Amada Guevara


    5-Adolfo Valencia
    3-Clint Mathis
    3-Rodrigo Faria
    2-3 tied

    Open Cup

    4-Amado Guevara
    3-Billy Walsh
    3-Clint Mathis
    2-6 tied


    2-Adolfo Valencia
    1-Mike Petke


    44-Giovanni Savarese
    39-Clint Mathis
    29-Adolfo Valencia
    25-Rodrigo Faria
    19-Eduardo Hurtado
    18-Amada Guevara
    18-John Wolyniec
    17-Antony De Avila
    16-Alex Comas
    15-Peter Villegas

    MLS Single Season

    16-Adolfo Valencia (2000)
    14-Giovanni Savarese (1997)
    14-Giovanni Savarese (1998)
    13-3 tied

    Overall Single Season

    21-Adolfo Valencia (2000)
    18-Clint Mathis (2000)
    16-Giovanni Savarese (1998)
    14-4 tied
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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Valencia was good for a year or so, and had some season. Too bad he was a bum the next year.

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