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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by JMMUSA8, Jul 31, 2002.

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    I found this event the best out of the past 3 I attended. Extremely interactive and lots of fun. For crying out loud I played Human Fooseball with Hernadez and Chacon. I got to put on Twellman's uniform, got pictures with all the players I could, made some inside connections (shout out to you Eric, thanks for the interview (obtw this is steve)) and bought water off of Adin Brown. The only part that was dissapointing was that everything was spread out and I wasnt able to meet everybody on the revs, especially those who were helping out in the junior revs academy (which i think is an awesome program). I truley enjoyed myself and this only keeps the flame burning even hotter for my love of the revs. I feel like I should be in a Mastercard commercial. Job well done for those who organized it, thank you to the players and management, screw you security staff for making me take my feet off the beautiful pitch (I'm only kidding). I will never forget this day, and I hope others had just as a fun time as I did.
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    I totally agree w. JMM. The best Meet the Revs of the bunch. Actually I feel the spread out nature of the concourses, etc. made for a more personally interactive program. From time to time players and coaches were just wandering about, mixing with the fans. It was great. Both my son and I continually marveled at the godd humor and graciousness of the players who seemed to actually enjoy the attention. If these guys bring the same winning personalities to their community activities the good will factor is amazing.

    Having the Jr. Rev training on view was a master stroke. It just looks so great, kids all over the pitch with Revs coaches and players amongst them. Great image, wonderful idea!

    Finally, watching the team train was, as always, highly impressive. Interestingly enough, and I have found it true in other sports, training is often more amazing than actual games. Because the players are relatively evenly matched in league games, they often don't pull out their full bag of tricks, opting for the sure move or the safe play. In training, it is another matter and when you are right next to these guys as they pull out their moves and shots, well you realize what great athletes they are. I particularly found the final agility drill to be fascinating, watching the various players strive to beat one another in the cone race which was brought to an hilarious finish when Tayler Twellman threw a perfect crossbody block on Aidan Brown to deny him victory over Steve Ralston.

    Perhaps the one thing that would have really added to the evening would benn to introduce each team member to the crowd with a few jibes, gags and tidbits. Having talked to a number of the players over the years and knowing what great senses of humor they have that might have topped off a tremendously successful event.

    Kudos and thanks to all at Rev Central for a great time.

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    My son and I had a great time.

    It seemed to have something for everyone. Very personal and friendly all around.

    Chacon and Hernandez really looked they enjoyed themselves at the human foosball. My opinion of Hernandez has improved 10X after watching him with the kids.

    What more can be said other than, "When can we do it again?" :)

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