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    On Nov. 9th approximately 20 members of Real Salt Lake’s first official supporter’s club, the Loyalists, met with Trey Fitz-Gerald, the Senior Director of Marketing & Communications for RSL. He discussed upcoming events and decisions about the team and answered Loyalists’ questions for about 45 minutes. Here is a summary of what he discussed. For the complete article, please go to where the article will be available soon.

    Fitz-Gerald stated that the response to the new team has been positive and anxious from all of the local media outlets. Earlier in the day, he had attended a meeting with the Newspaper Agency Corporation, a local entity that publishes two competing morning newspapers.

    The front office staff is also in the process of negotiations for television and radio rights. Fitz-Gerald stated that many stations have come forward, wanting to air the games in either English or Spanish. The team may be able to create some additional media inventory as well, including things such as coaches’ shows.

    The fans should expect the team to be very well covered in the local media. The hope now is for SportsWest to produce all of the away games and some of the home games.
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    First things first; The Man won't let me give any Rep to Montjules.

    Second of all, Trey probably knows this & I've seen posts on this in the past about this.

    But if RSL management or anyone here knows about RSL players or staff appearances on radio or TV; they should let us know. We can call in & let the local media know that soccer is very popular here and not just some weird hobby that Greg Wrubell indulges in.

    That goes double especially for appearances on 1640 AM (They've had Blitzz news on in the past & they have a syndicated sports show) or any of the other Spanish language TV or radio stations. For now, it will just be Blitzzfan Che calling in or me (You know the way Bora Milutinovic speaks English? That's my Spanish.) calling in but give us time..........
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    Seguramente hay un chorro de nosotros que hablamos español. Simplemente nos desconoces.

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