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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by burning_phoneix, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Now friends, we all know that Saudi football has been on a decline for many years.

    For some reason, you are now the head of the Saudi FA (let's face it, you can't do a worse job :D ) Name three things that you would do to improve Saudi football

    For me it would be

    • Set a 1mil Euro buyout on every Saudi Player in the league when approached by European clubs
    What does this mean? A buyout clause means whenver a European club offers 1 million euros to a Saudi club, the Saudi club MUST sell that player, they have no choice. Of course, the European club can always offer lower than 1mil Euros if they wish but the Saudi club is not required to accept.

    • Increase prize money and media attention for Youth Premier League
    No one cares about the under 21 leagues right now. Increasing the prize money and prestige to the youth leagues would mean clubs would spend more on youth infrastructure.

    • Stick with a single coach for at least 3 years or 3 major tournaments, whichever comes first.
    Consistency is something we've always lacked. Time to change that, I don't know if Rijkaard will stay but I hope he will till the end of Asian Cup 2015....such a long way aways. :(

    Now your turn folks. This is open to non-saudi fans as well but PLEASE keep it respectful. I AM EVER WATCHING!
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    To be frank I am really tired to write on posts on measures to improve Saudi football.
    Its of no use as here is no one to listen to the thoughts and have study on it.
    But still cant stay away with it.Here are some of my points-
    Firstly,change the attitude of the players and there club presidents.Tell the players to remove the ego they have in them and play in the way they have to.
    Secondly,stablise all the clubs in the area of managment.All the inner conflicts happening in the clubs should be taken over by FA and solve immediately.This will help to improve the morale of players and they can concentrate only on football.
    Thirdly,stop rewarding players with huge money if they win a important or potential match.For example,the players were rewarded with hefty sums after they won against Thailand.Reward them only when sumthing great and valuable is achived.The rewards spoils the players and they become greedy.
    Fourthly,reduce the reliance on foreign coaches.Try building Saudi coaches rather than paying millions to foriegners for showoff and sacking them when they spit on our own faces.We have foriegn coaches in every level of Saudi football.Even the first,second division team coaches have outsiders to coach them.I dont understand when we have so much great legends passed on why dont they come back and build there future generations.
    Fifthly,provide funds to retired players or associations who wants to build accademies and dig out talents.Also reqruit the legends in the team managment.Very few players after the retirment come back to the clubs and start taking coaching jobs.
    Lastly and most discussed and obvious part is to send players abroad.I dont understand when more than 50% of our population flee out of the country for better lifestlye or education then whats stopping the players to go out.The clubs must stop tempting the players with more money and forcing them to stay at home when the players receive offers from abroad.
  3. PinoyMarauder

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    Apr 10, 2008
    You planning on ruining the Saudi League Burning?

    One is lulzy, two is a must and three is wishful thinking
  4. serro

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    oh this thread is old : does not matter i will say my fancy opinions regardless :/

    first measure :
    1-I think this one will ruin the Saudi domestic league , the ones who reap the fruits of sending their talented players to europe are the ones who lack the healthy environment to develop them . like Korea, Australia , Japan and USA having soccer as a second or third sport hurt the game and the players over there. The poor African and south American nations as well who lack the facilities to develop their talented players over there. Here in Saudi Arabia we got football as the favorite sport, football players are treated like celebrities. We got the facilities to develop the talented players, we got the geography ( mountains with cold weather in the south , humid weather in the east , hot weather ....etc). We got the media hype. We got companies who are interested on sponsoring the clubs. We got everything needed to make the league like the European leagues. Make the league better this way all the players of Saudi Arabia will develop not just a selected few.

    2- sending the stars to europe won't that hurt the clubs ? what will happen to the next generation ? what will happen to the fans ? the companies as well will leave the market and then we get back to 80s, to amateur football. prime examples of countries hurting from sending their stars to europe( Nigeria , Cameron , South Africa )

    I agree with the rest measures .
  5. SCJ1910

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    Feb 17, 2015
    I do not agree!
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