McDonald's commercial with peso sign and industrial look

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by Pingudo, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Nov 18, 2003
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    There is a Mexican holding up a sign with something like 7.90 pesos. Then he holds up a sign with a different amount.

    On the other side of the screen is a hispanic guy eating something from the McDonalds dollar menu. He is in a hammock and surrouded by flowers and blue skies. HE motions and invites the Mexican in.

    The message is that the "dollar" menu is consistent and good. The implication is that he is inviting the poor Mexican into our country to enjoy our consistent monetary system and our consumer products.

    The next scene, the Mexican that just came in invites a women in who was doing the same thing with a sign. Again, this appears to be telling them to come on in, then to invite their friends and relative.

    There was no need to dis Mexico's financial situation or depict Mexico as a gruesome dump.

    Has anyone else seen this tv ad? It was on fx last night.
  2. TheSlipperyOne

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    Boycott McDonald's!!!!

    They're trying to entice illegal immigrants into invading the good ol' US of A!!!
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    Apr 22, 2001
  4. luciusmagister

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    I saw this report about these racist McDonald's commercials. I think it was on Faux News. Take a look.

    I’m loving it!
  5. ONE

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    Aug 11, 2000
    does anyone remember the ad (for KFC maybe??), where they had a bunch of nerdy white kids sitting around a table saying nerdy things about their food, and then they pan to the only black kid who is just chowing down on his fried chicken saying nothing and the voice over says "Now THERE'S a smart kid!"

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