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  1. oneforthemoney

    oneforthemoney BigSoccer Yellow Card

    Dec 6, 2004
    Sunday 14 August 2pm Wigan Ath v Chelsea]
    [4pm Everton v Man Utd]
    [Sunday 21 August 2pm Liverpool v Sunderland]
    [4pm Chelsea v Arsenal]
    [Tuesday 23 August 8pm Bolton v Newcastle Utd]
    [Wednesday 24 August 8pm Blackburn v Tottenham]
    [Sunday 28 August 4pm Newcastle v Man Utd]
    [Monday 29 August 8pm West Brom v Birmingham City]


    [Sunday 11 September 2pm Bolton v Blackburn]
    [4pm Man Utd v Man City]

    [Sunday 18 September 1pm Liverpool v Man Utd
    [4pm Charlton v Chelsea]
    [Monday 19 September 8pm Fulham v West Ham]
    [Sunday 25 September 4pm Tottenham v Fulham]
    [Monday 26 September 8pm Middlesbrough v Sunderland]


    [Sunday 2 October 2pm Portsmouth v Newcastle]
    [4pm Liverpool v Chelsea]
    [Sunday 16 October 1pm Birmingham v Aston Villa]
    [4pm Sunderland v Man Utd]
    [Sunday 23 October 4pm Newcastle v Sunderland]
    [Monday 24 October 8pm Blackburn v Birmingham]
    [Saturday 29 October 12pm Tottenham v Arsenal

    [Sunday 30 October 4pm Man City v Aston Villa]
    [Monday 31 October 8pm Charlton v Bolton]


    [Sunday 6 November 2pm Everton v Middlesbrough]
    [4pm Man Utd v Chelsea]
    [Sunday 20 November 4pm Tottenham v West Ham]
    [Monday 21 November 8pm West Brom v Everton]
    [Sunday 27 November 4pm Portsmouth v Chelsea]
    [Monday 28 November 8pm Sunderland v Birmingham]


    [Sunday 4 December 2pm West Brom v Fulham]

    [4pm Chelsea v Middlesbrough]
    [Monday 5 December 8pm Newcastle v Aston Villa]
    [Sunday 11 December 2pm Blackburn v West Ham]
    [4pm Newcastle v Arsenal]
    [Sunday 18 December 2pm Aston Villa v Man Utd]
    [4pm Arsenal v Chelsea]
    [Monday 19 December 8pm West Ham v Newcastle]
    [Monday 26 December 4pm Chelsea v Fulham]
    [6.30 Liverpool v Newcastle]
    [Wednesday 28 December 4pm Birmingham v Man Utd]
    [8pm Everton v Liverpool]
    [Saturday 31 December 12pm Charlton v West Ham]
    [5pm Aston Villa v Arsenal]
  2. billyireland

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    May 4, 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    Edited to only how the United matches:

    Sunday 14 August - 4pm Everton v Man Utd

    Sunday 28 August - 4pm Newcastle v Man Utd

    Sunday 11 September - 4pm Man Utd v Man City

    Sunday 18 September - 1pm Liverpool v Man Utd

    Sunday 16 October - 4pm Sunderland v Man Utd

    Sunday 6 November - 4pm Man Utd v Chelsea

    Sunday 18 December - 2pm Aston Villa v Man Utd
    (4pm Arsenal v Chelsea - well, it will be pretty important)

    Wednesday 28 December - 4pm Birmingham v Man Utd
  3. Rick B

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    Guy's just to say - these match's are not true. It's just another rumour put around by e-mail. Sky haven't decided their match's and won't until they know whether Liverpool has got into the CL proper. That determines whether they play Sat or Sun etc etc. Don't believe these e-mails.
    By the way, it's not the posters fault, he put them here in good faith, but these do the rounds every year.
  4. sixer1

    sixer1 New Member

    Oct 25, 2000
    Here are Manchester United's matches on Sky Sports:

    August 13th Everton vs Man Utd (k/o12.45pm)
    August 20th Man Utd vs Aston Villa (k/o 12.45pm)
    August 28th Newcastle Utd v Manchester Utd (k/o 4pm)
    September 18th Liverpool v Manchester Utd (k/o 12 noon)
    October 30th Middlesbrough vs Man Utd (k/o 5.15pm)
    November 6th Manchester Utd v Chelsea (k/o 4pm)
    December 3rd Man Utd vs Portsmouth (k/o 5.15pm)
    December 17th Aston Villa vs Man Utd (k/o 12.45pm),,1-1187881,00.html#SKY_SPORTS
  5. IMOX77

    IMOX77 New Member

    Jun 15, 2003
    Long Island, NY
    For us in the states last season we got all the 12:45pm(UK) games because FSC always shows the lone 7:45am (NY) game. So we should get the curtain raiser and FSC already has the time slot reserved for 7:30am.

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