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  1. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Bochum vs Berlin 2:2
    0:1 Zecke (6 Goor)
    1:1 Zdebel (45 Hashemian)
    1:2 Zecke (64 Goor)
    2:2 Hashemian (83 T Gudjonsson)

    Hertha was the better team, but Bochum had two answers at the best time. Zecke had his first two goals game and Goor his first two assists game in Bundesliga.

    Freiburg vs Schalke 2:1
    1:0 Bajramovic (3 Zeyer)
    1:1 Rodriguez (11 Poulsen)
    2:1 Tskitishvili (39 pk Iashvili)

    Yellow-Red: Matellan (50/Schalke)

    Freiburg was better from the start. Schalke recovered after a while and started good into the 2nd half, but then had to face the ejection. Afterwards Freiburg controlled again and missed many chances to achieve a higher result.

    Hannover vs Gladbach 2:0
    1:0 Christiansen (16 -)
    2:0 Idrissou (83 de Guzman)

    This game was none of Hannover’s offensive fireworks. They were better than Gladbach, although the guests did some pressure in the second half. When Gladbach’s pressure reached its climax, a counter attack cared for the final decision.

    Cologne vs Wolfsburg 2:3
    0:1 Biliskov (3 Petrov)
    0:2 Petrov (22 Thiam)
    1:2 Scherz (35 Cullmann)
    2:2 Voronin (60 Scherz)
    2:3 Klimowicz (72 Präger)

    Curious first goal: Biliskov headed in after a corner, but didn’t realise that he scored and complained at the assistant instead why he didn’t signalise that he was held by Heinrich… Cologne was much better, but failed because of Jentzsch and Wolfsburg’s effectiveness. Voronin showed a good performance and finally scored his first Bundesliga goal.

    Bremen vs 1860 2:1
    1:0 Ailton (47 pk Charisteas)
    1:1 Schroth (56 Görlitz)
    2:1 Micoud (64 Klasnic)

    Micoud played without rib protection despite to his fracture and scored the game winner. Werder clearly was the better team and could have decided the game already in the first half.

    Stuttgart vs Dortmund 1:0
    1:0 Kuranyi (68 Vranjes)

    A harmless Borussia was lucky to not lose much higher and remains without win also in the 11th road game of the year 2003. Kuranyi scored his first goal of the season. Hildebrand increased the starting record to 540 minutes without goal against and jumped to rank 3 in the eternal ranking for being without goal against in a total of 645 minutes (ranks 1 and 2: Oliver Kahn with 803 and 736 minutes)

    Bayern vs Bayer 3:3
    0:1 Ramelow (10 Neuville)
    1:1 Makaay (25 Ballack)
    1:2 Franca (34 Babic)
    2:2 Santa Cruz (63 Hargreaves)
    3:2 Ballack (69 -)
    3:3 Bastürk (81 Franca)

    PK: Butt saves against Ballack (30’)
    Red: Ze Roberto (57’ kicked Lucio)

    Very bitter to lose points after having a pk saved and being a player more. The free kick for the 3:2 was no foul, but maybe Bayern must have gotten a pk at the end. Bastürk scored in his comeback after his hepatitis. Already the third time in this season that Bayern got three goals against…
  2. ForeverStuttgart1893

    Sep 18, 2003
    I was pleased with the way Stuttgart played. The lads did very well and prbly should've won by more. Still, it's a win, and we're in first.
  3. olafgb

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Yesterday's games:

    Frankfurt vs Lautern 1:3
    0:1 Hristov (5 Klose)
    0:2 Klose (48 Lokvenc)
    0:3 Hristov (52 Kosowski)
    1:3 Beierle (90 Frommer)

    Red: Skela (89/Frankfurt)

    Hamburg vs Rostock 2:1
    0:1 Max (10 -)
    1:1 Romeo (69 Barbarez)
    2:1 Reinhardt (85 Mahdavikia)

    Yellow-Red: Hoogma (57/HSV)

    Team of the Day: Jentzsch - Juan (5), Bordon (2), Vinicius - Kruppke, Goor, Hristov (2), Vranjes, Zecke - Klose, Mahdavikia

    Player of the Day: Marian Hristov

    Top Striker: 1 Martin Max 7, 2 Ailton and Diego Klimowicz 5
    Top Scorer: 1 Martin Max 8, 2 Ailton and Martin Petrov 7
    Top Goalies: 1 Hildebrand, 2 Wessels, 3 Hofmann
    Top Field Players: 1 Juan, 2 Ze Roberto, 3 Claudio Pizarro
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    Dec 22, 2000
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    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Micoud's adaptation to Germany has been amazing. I thought he looked great at Bordeaux, but his time in Italy was a waste.

    Glad to see Bayer get that point, maybe this is our year.

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