MATCH- U.S. vs. El Salvador

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    Just a reminder that AO Atlanta will be gathering at the Brewhouse on Feb. 24th for the friendly match between the U.S. and El Salvador. The game is at 7pm eastern time (ESPN Classic), so you might want to arrive early to ensure seating. I know of at least 3 AO guys from Atlanta that will be going to Tampa for the match(myself included), so we’ll be representing in Tampa all day from the tailgate to the supporter’s section. If anyone else is going, let us know! Anyways, as I’ll be down in Florida for the game, and Jay is tied up with work, Trey O’Callaghan, Elliott McCarthy, Eric Hood, and Dan Bouck have volunteered to take the driver’s seat for the match, and will guide everyone on where to sit, etc. They’ll be running the show, so if they tell you to do something, such as buy them a beer, listen up.

    The Brewhouse Cafe

    401 Moreland Avenue Northeast
    Atlanta, GA 30307-1519
    (404) 525-779

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