Match #24 - Argentina v. Mexico

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    Initially suspended for 3 years but reduced on appeal.
    He only returned to action in April '82, for Juventus in Serie A. I think he only played 3-4 matches since it was the end of the season.
    His inclusion in the squad caused much controversy from the fans and media. Even more so after the three group stage draws.
    All credit to Bearzot who stuck with him all the way. It gets overshadowed after what happened in Spain but Rossi had a very good World Cup in Argentina four years earlier, and Bearzot was convinced the production was just a matter of time if given the chance.
    Enzo Bearzot has always been one of my favorites for the faith he had in Rossi to deliver... although I often wonder how things might have been different had Roberto Bettega been available (missed Spain '82 through injury).
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    anyone who went to this game managed to buy one extra match scarf?
    just missing ARG vs MEX:oops:

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