Marketing Idea -- A Revs-based Radio Show

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by Tea Men Tom, Oct 10, 2003.

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    Feb 14, 2001
    Very interesting column in this morning's Globe about an attempt to generate some real hockey talk on Boston's WWZN.

    The opportunity now exists -- basically because The Zone is probably just hanging on waiting for a buyer to come along -- to buy a time slot and put on your own show.

    In this case some hockey guys, frustrated with EEI's unwillingness to even acknowledge that the sport exists, are doing a local hockey show in a decent time slot.

    So why couldn't the Krafts do this? You listening Brad?

    I imagine you can buy time on this station -- especially on weekends -- for next to nothing because those slots never generate much for a radio station, and get a Revs specific (with general around the world soccer discussion as well) show on the air.

    I know the season's almost over -- but I'm guessing it wouldn't take a whole lot of money to make something like this happen. Especially if you can find a local sponsor to pay for the time.

    I also don't suppose it would take much effort to get local stations in places like New Bedford, Brockton, Lowell and Lawrence to maybe pick up the show as well -- especially if it were on a weekend.

    With a little effort, I think you could get this done for short money -- or no cost to the Revs -- (pay attention Krafty's) if you can find a local sponsor or two to pay for the time.

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