Mark Steyn on the Extinction of the West

Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by Karl K, Jan 4, 2006.

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    He put into words much better than I could my concerns about tolerance.

    Tolerance is very appropriate. I find myself fiscally conservative, but open minded when it comes to "alternative" lifestyles. I don't particularly care what you do in your home or your life as long as it doesn't impact me in the pocketbook.

    Now, what does bother me, however is being tolerant of folks who are intolerant.

    This is where love thy neighbor is getting skewed. The problem is we tolerate hate. Why is it acceptable for one race to hate another? Why is it acceptable for one religion to hate another? Why does the left allow that? They have been champions of tolerance...but only in this country. Why not anywhere else? Why is the KKK villified (and rightfully so), but hate that goes on in other countries "Not our problem?"

    It IS our problem. If it isn't...well it soon will be when migratory forces change the voting landscapes in the west. Those who don't see it happening are quite a bit naive in thinking.

    We should be diligent in rejecting intolerace wherever it exists. I'd like to drink the cool aid too and think it will all be OK in the end...but unfortunately, history has shown that the only way to defeat intolerance is to reject it as a viable option as agressively as the intolerance promotes its own twisted ideas.

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