Manchester United. v. West Bromwich Albion [R]

Discussion in 'West Bromwich Albion' started by DevilDave, Dec 26, 2005.

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    To the Albion fans on this board, and to all BigSoccer members who read the Albion boards, I hope you've had a blessed Christmas (and a happy Hanukkah as well to our Jewish bretheren) and hope you have a prosperous New Year.

    In a bit over seven hours' time, Albion will begin their gruelling set of three Premiership matches this week. It will be tough for us to salvage any points from this afternoon's clash at Old Trafford... hopefully I will be wrong.

    We've got a full squad to select from with Zoltan Gera making his anticipated return to the squad. But United handled us well with their kids not long ago in the Carling Cup... can we withstand the pressure United's first team will heap on us and escape with a point or more?

    It starts with scoring goals. Thus far this season, our defending has not been great, but I would argue that it has been far more consistent than our attacking. There are times our attacking has been decent (and only our finishing in front of the net has let the side down). More often however, our creativity just has not been there. Furthermore, mistakes seem to be leading to far too many chances for the opposition... giving away on the break and creating good opportunities to score on the other end.

    I could continue moaning, but it would be repeating things I've moaned about all season. Perhaps the Albion will give us something to smile about on this Boxing Day. COME ON YOU BAGGIES!
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    3-0 United....just totally outclassed.
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    Thanks for the kind wishes, DevilDave - right back at you. And, to Albion fans everywhere, much joy to you and a happy '06.
    Yesterday, yes, outclassed. Ouch. Hope Paul is okay after that awful collision.

    A nice effort v Spurs would be nice right about now. Please, oh please.

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