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    Aug 9, 2004
    supposed you were a manager and you are to look for the new talent in around the world, which players would you buy? and you couldnt buy any players who are already major stars at other big clubs.

    This is my list, you guys come up with yours.


    -luca toni(palermo)
    -de rossi(roma)
    -FABRIZIO MICCOLI (fiorentina)
    -SIMONE DEL NERO(brecia)

    -rio mavuba(bordeaux)
    -frank ribery(metz)

    -torres (
    -DAVID VILLA (zaragoza)


    -wright-phillips (man city)

    this would be my shopping list, but i dont watch all the leagues, so i dont know that many players, this list is for what ive seen so far. I did not include brazil because there are too many players.
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    I will discount the following players as they are all at big clubs: de rossi(roma), xavi(barcelona) and Angulo(valenica). Isn't FABRIZIO MICCOLI (fiorentina) owned by Juventus? You could argue that some of the other players are at "big" clubs, but I have only ruled out players from the major European giants.

    I wouldn't personally go with SIMONE DEL NERO(brecia). Livi have already had him on loan and we named him the mystery man. One substitute appearance was his only contribution! :D

    Note: Will add my players once I have had a good think about things.

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