Man U-Besiktas game joined in progress on FSN

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by matty311, Sep 15, 2009.

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    On FSN here in Pittsburgh the Man U-Besiktas game was scheduled from 3-5, and from 230-3 was Notre Dame Weekly. Now I just figured that they would just show the game on a half hour delay starting at 3, but they actually started showing it live at 3, 15 minutes into the game. Funny, funny stuff. Anyone else have this happen on their RSN?
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    Too bad you are stuck with FSN Pittsburgh, which either sold or bartered the time slot to Notre Dame Football.

    Analog cable customers on the other end of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey got a even worse deal. Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia is NOT airing UEFA CL matches due to a contractual issue with its FSN affiliation.

    Specifically, CSN Philly is limited to an average of 2 hours of FSN programming each day unless CSN Philly were to pay FSN additional licensing fees.
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    Yet another reason to dump cable and get a satellite dish. With a sports pack on DirecTV or Dish, you can watch any RSN since these games are not blacked out in other markets.
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    Actually it was all cable customers, the game wasn't even on the Comcast Network (formally CN8) like the Celtic-Arsenal game was. So I guess we are screwed for the entire season, Comcast isn't paying extra money simply to air soccer games.

    No one in the philly area is getting a dish ever, simply because there is no alternative way of getting CSN philly, unless you are lucky enough to have an area that Verizon deemed worthy for FIOS.

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