Man City - Aston Villa (R)

Discussion in 'Manchester City' started by NER_MCFC, Sep 14, 2003.


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    Nicolas Anelka scored 3 goals today, two from the spot, as City beat Villa 4-1. They're now ahead of Chelsea on goal difference in third.

    Claudio Reyna played the last 10 minutes, so there is probably a huge thread over at Yanks Abroad about it.
  2. JJ Mindset

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    Dec 7, 2000
    City are roaring back! I can feel it now. It's been a long struggle to return to what's properly their place.
  3. The Green One

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    Sep 15, 2003
    Yeah, greta win for us, especially after looking like we would lose following angel's OFFSIDE goal. Anelka now top of the scoring charts. 5 in the league, 1 in the UEFA CUp, 6 this season is great. 8 more and hes equalled last season! Anyway, Macca played great and we deserved the win. WE played alright in the first half and were sublime in the second half.

    ~ The Green One

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