Mabrouk Zaid to Europe?

Discussion in 'Asian Football Confederation' started by DemmahoM, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Mabrouk Zaid is hoping to become the 3rd Saudi player to make the move abroad...

    He has held the ambition to move to Europe. "To be honest, to play against Asian sides is not enough to develop myself into a world-class goalkeeper," he explained. "I am looking to move to a high-level European league so I can improve at a quicker rate."

    Zaid's dream seems a difficult one considering the Saudi football authorities have been reluctant to let their top players move overseas. Only veteran striker Al Jaber (Wolves) and Fahd Al Ghashayan’s (AZ Alkmaar) have managed to buck the trend.

    But for the ambitious Zaid, nothing is impossible. "I hope one day I will play with a top European club so that I have the opportunity to learn from the big names in the footballing world. Then, when I return home, I could teach these lessons to the younger generations," he concluded.

    He is a very talented Goalkeeper no doubt, I would LOVE it if he moved to Europe.
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    ah good luck to Zaid, we need more asians in Europe!

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