Lower-divison pro leagues

Discussion in 'US Women's Lower Divisions' started by SiberianThunderT, Feb 9, 2023.

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    Sep 21, 2008
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    We know that the USL Super League was delayed a year (so 2024-25 instead of 2023-24) but otherwise seems on track, while UWS has tabled their plans for a D3 league. In their place, is sounds like WPSL is hoping to launch their own D3 league with at least 10 teams in 2024. As a remember, the D3 standards require at least 6 teams, all with stadiums of at least 1k and primary owners worth at least $5m

    With us inching ever closer to these leagues starting, (not to mention the spectre of WISL as well at D2,) I thought it might be time to create a separate thread for the pro league discussion separate from an amateur-league-discussion-thread (i.e. W-League and the base UWS and WPSL).

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