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Discussion in 'Spain' started by Viking Striker, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Viking Striker

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    Dec 4, 2004
    I'm looking to get more involved and into futbol by following several leagues and this was one of them so I was looking for a team to support, not a bandwagon team like Arsenal in the Premiership but rather a decent team that still has a shot at winning the La Liga or at least performing well. I was looking for a team that has perhaps an especially fantastic striker (or player/s in general) that makes games exciting to watch. I figured rooting for Real Madrid at this stage would be like hopping on the bandwagon so I was thinking FC Barcelone or maybe Valencia. Any suggestions?
  2. Quango

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    Jul 25, 2003
    Colorado Rapids
    Barcelona certainly has some fantastic strikers but to suggest they aren't on the same "bandwagon" level as Madrid or Arsenal would be wrong. Valencia has some exciting players (although they've a rough month or two) and are probably less hyped than Madrid or Barca.

    Where are you located, and what is your access to viewing La Liga? If in the US, Gol TV shows La Liga here and shows primarily Madrid, Barca, and Valencia matches, so I'd pick one of them just for the fact you could probably watch nearly all of their games. If you have broader viewing ability, just take a look at the table, goal leaders, etc, and watch a few games with different teams.

    Here's where I keep up on scores and tables:

    Good luck.
  3. depor15

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    Jun 28, 1999
    Look no further

    the team is

    Deportivo La Coruna

    A good team with a chance of winning, but not a Madrid or a Celsea or a ManU or a Barcelona or a .......

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