Looking for 1 or 2 additional fantasy soccer players

Discussion in 'Games' started by tkgunn, Jun 10, 2017.

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    Nov 18, 1998
    I apologize if this isn’t an appropriate place for this but I am extending an invitation to 1 or 2 people to join my fantasy soccer league. This league is unique in that we use our own spreadsheet and scoring system in which we select attacking players from Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France and probably MLS in addition to 1 Goalkeeper.

    The attacking players receive points for goals, game-winning goals, assists, shots on goal and negative points for yellows and reds. Goalkeepers receive points for wins, shutouts, saves and negative points for goals against.

    We use a “snake draft” or #1- Team A, #2- Team B, #3- Team C, #4- Team C, #5- Team B, #6- Team A, #7- Team A format over email the week before the first European league starts, usually the first or second week in August. The spreadsheet is updated and emailed weekly. We have a unique standings system and some other rules I will explain through private channels to anyone interested.

    This will be our 10th year running the league and we’re looking for some new blood. Due to the work required in updating the spreadsheet we ask that you are an active participant throughout the year and you’ll want to do some research before the draft.

    I suppose anyone who is interested can private message me with your interest and a little bit about yourself. It’s good fun with a good group and we only play for pride, no $ involved.

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