Lolz Ferguson himself warns Ronaldo not to give the ball away

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    Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has told Cristiano Ronaldo that he will not accept any further lapses in possession and warned the Portuguese not to let his frustration get the better of him.


    The winger has cut a frustrated figure at times this season and was guilty of giving the ball away in the lead-up to goals for Aston Villa and Porto in the last week.
    Ronaldo was the key figure in United's march to the Premier League and Champions League double last season but Ferguson has made sure the star knows what is expected.
    "No, I don't accept that he will give goals away because of the player he is, I speak to him about it," Ferguson said. "I don't accept that from anyone.
    "In European football, if you give the ball away it takes a long time to get it back.
    "He always feels he's not getting the proper protection from referees and I think that, maybe, in quite a few cases he is right, and a few cases he is not right.
    "It's hard when a player who wants to entertain doesn't get everything his own way. But you can't get everything your own way.
    "He understands that and there's not a problem with that. It's just a frustration that he feels he doesn't get the decision and he gets upset about it.
    "I think, obviously, he doesn't enjoy that and he knows he's letting himself down more than anything.
    "He holds his hands up. I have had to remind him about that but I'm not getting into what has been said."
    United are two points clear of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League with a game in hand following their respective wins over Sunderland and Blackburn.
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