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Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by KC Salty, Sep 15, 2003.

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    Hello everyone! Long time no post. I'm sorry about that, but as most of you know I started law school last month. Sadly time to surf Big Soccer has been drastically cut. But to show that I haven't been completely asleep at the wheel, I've asked some questions about the upcoming "Break the Record" Night so we can plan our tailgate and such.

    1. What time will the gates to the parking lots open?

    4:00 pm

    2. Which gates to the lots will be open?

    The majority of toll gates.

    3. What time will we be able to enter the stadium?

    5:00 pm

    4. Will the Price Chopper tickets allow people to sit in "The Cauldron" and the rest of General Admission or must they sit in the upper deck?

    East Endline, West Endline, and Upper Deck

    5. Will there be police directing traffic out of the lots after the game is over?

    There will be people in place to get the crowd out

    6. What is the latest estimated attendance figure?

    not venturing to guess right now

    Ok, so what does that mean for the Mystics. Question 4 is arguably the most important to us. Since The Cauldron is considered a part of the East Endline and we want anyone to be able to join us, I would assume that people can use their Price Chopper tickets to join us.

    If this is the case that makes questions 3 and 1 very important. We will want to establish an early presence in The Cauldron. I'm willing to go in early. Is anyone else? How early we want to go in
    determines how early we want to start the tailgate / parking lot activities.

    Even greater determining factors are the wishes and abilities of our culinary master, Sam. Before I ask Sam to comment on when he wants to start the tailgate I'd like to thank Sam and the rest of the Lawrence area Mystics for the spectacular job they've done with the tailgates this season. Thanks a bunch guys! So, when can you / will you start the tailgate Saturday?

    I would remind people planning on attending the game that I-70 and I-435 are FUBARed* right now and plan on leaving earlier than you normally would regardless of what time you plan on arriving at the stadium.

    I'm very excited about this promotion, if only for the possibility of seeing fans in the upper deck at a Wizards game (hopefully with the majority of the lower bowl filled!). Andy and Wade, will Yellow Card Journalism have a photographer there to record the event? Perhaps even video/audio recording some stretches of the game (even if it is only the Magic Minutes)?

    With that, I'll see you all this Saturday!

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Matt and I usually get there at 4 anyway. I will be driving back to St. Louis early Sunday morning to catch the Chiefs game at noon (I didn't pay for NFL Ticket for nothin'), so therefore I won't be drinking that much if at all. Therefore I'll be available to enter the stadium early. That said, I think that if we got in the stadium at 545-615ish we'd be just fine. No matter how many people show up and no matter how much the Wizards "encourage everyone to show up early" theres not going to be very many people in there 45 minutes before kickoff.

    I've got no problem leaving at 600 and being in there for an hour. I'd like to know that Curt would tell fan ASSistance to help us (what a concept huh?) in making sure we've got all the regulars in the Cauldron. I'm sure they'd like what we bring to the atmosphere if they do indeed have a huge crowd.
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    I don't know, I'm honestly not too concerned about it. Only people who go to games regularly know that 114 is part of GA; the entrance for the section is pretty far away from GA, it's not listed on the map as GA. Technically it is, but then again, you get tickets for the Cauldron, they say section 114, not GA like actual GA tickets. We may have more trouble than usual because of slack ticket checking (something i appreciate) but a lot of newbies aren't going to konw to come sit with us.
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    Feb 23, 2001
    If the damn ticket people would stop selling tickets to section 114 to people that ask for GA we'd be fine. Thats a function of the training of these individuals.

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