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Discussion in 'Lot 8' started by LN - Dougg, Nov 8, 2004.

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    I posted this in the website, but I thought I would put it here too... I know it's late but I didn't get a chance to get online on Saturday night or Sunday to say it.....


    What a great game we witnessed on Saturday. Unbelievable experience and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. Jhonattan and I arrived about an hour and a half earlier and met Josh who had been there for an hour already at least. He hung up the black and white La Norte banner and the one he created himself, "The Revolution will not be televised." That ruled! Jhonattan and I went in early and we sat up the smaller La Norte banner as well as the one I made myself: "Party Like it's 1999!" It was to the right of the goal. We also brought the drum in, and I could be wrong but, I don't think it's ever been that early to the game. LOL. The chanting actually got started about 15 minutes before the kick off but Dave Jarvi had started the taunting way earlier... Dave is a true soldier, he hackled the NE Players so much that one of them actually told him to Shut the "f" up and then later on threw a ball at him. F'n classic dave, way to go man. I won't even talk about what went on during the game because honestly, a million words could not describe the atmosphere and experience... I made my usual head count... 101... wow.. I never thought we would see that day... Now if we could only have that many people for every game? just imagine... After the game we did something that is starting to become a trend.. a big celebration on the tunnel or near it on parking lot eight with our brothers from La Barra and even Eagles... We usually leave after about 10 to 15 minutes of it, and the BB and SE members did... But we didn't feel satisfied so we decided to head back to the "DCU player and staff" entrance and we waited for all the players to come out... We didn't chant or sing much as we were finally tired but did manage a few cheers every time a player would come out, and spend some time with us. We did have enough to joke around though and make fun of each other... We even found out someone was a "mama's boy." I won't name any names though. ;o)

    The only black cloud on the night was that Pepe lost his waller and one of Luis' friends lost his cell phone. I hope you guys were able to find them... If anyone did find them, kindly contact Pepe or Luis asap. Thanks!

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    Nov 8, 2004

    Hey Dougg

    You almost make me cry.. I can see you were really inspired. What a blast we had on saturday.... will do the same this sunday... Remember what el Gomito said????

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