List of USWNT Players That Have Been Discretely Weeded Out The Last 2 Years

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by McSkillz, Nov 16, 2017.

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    I'll start and please correct me if they are still are active on the USWNT or actually retired and I didn't get the memo, I've been out of the loop for the past several months on who's a starter on the current USWNT.

    Also if there's a full legit explanation as to why these people aren't on the team anymore that would be nice too. Please feel free to add to my list players that I may have missed who have disappeared forever off the USWNT roster.

    I feel like I haven't seen the following players play any US Soccer matches in this calendar year of 2017. The list isn't in any particular order:

    1. Ali Krieger
    2. Amy Rodriguez
    3. Sydney Leroux
    4. Amy LePelpet
    5. Meagan Klingenberg
    6. Whitney Engen
    7. Nicole Barnhart
    8. Lori Lindsay
    9. Hope Solo
    10. Sarah Killion
    11. Sarah Hagen
    12. Yael Averbuch
    13. Lori Chalupny
    14. Erika Tymrak
    15. Kristie Mewis
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    I'll take a stab, though could be terribly off:

    1. Ali Krieger - Discretely weeded out by Ellis (not so discretely by fans)
    2. Amy Rodriguez - Knee injury (ACL?) Might hear her name again soon?
    3. Sydney Leroux - Never quite came back to high level but did get a camp
    4. Amy LePelpet - Hasn't been with USWNT in awhile
    5. Meagan Klingenberg - Discretely weeded out by Ellis
    6. Whitney Engen - Bluntly weeded out by Ellis
    7. Nicole Barnhart - Hasn't been with USWNT in awhile
    8. Lori Lindsay- Hasn't been with USWNT in awhile
    9. Hope Solo - Drama, drama, drama - USSF clearly doesn't want her, but she's talented....
    10. Sarah Killion - Never got past a camp or two to make the cut
    11. Sarah Hagen - Did she ever get a cap?
    12. Yael Averbuch - Hasn't been in the picture for awhile
    13. Lori Chalupny - Retired
    14. Erika Tymrak - Didn't ever really make it into the squad
    15. Kristie Mewis - Hasn't been with the USWNT in awhile, was never a regular
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    LePeilbet retired at the end of the 2015 NWSL season.

    Lindsey retired at the end of the 2014 W-League season.
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    Amy LePelpet
    Lori Lindsay
    Lori Chalupny

    Too old / slow:
    Ali Krieger
    Meagan Klingenberg (victim of youth movement)
    Sydney Leroux (victim of youth movement)

    Didn't fit Jill's style:
    Whitney Engen
    Erika Tymrak
    Kristie Mewis

    Not good enough:
    Sarah Killion
    Sarah Hagen
    Yael Averbuch

    Injuries affected career:
    Amy Rodriguez (victim of youth movement)
    Nicole Barnhart (injury prone)

    Hope Solo

    Now that I think about it, "Didn't fit Jill's sytle" and "Not good enough" could be one group.
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    What about Christine Nairn?
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    McCaffrey (not good enough)
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    I believe you meant to say discreetly, not discretely, although I guess there are discrete groups of players here. :geek:

    I'd also like to believe that any player, even a Rodriguez or Leroux, has a chance to work her way back into the mix by performing well next season in the NWSL.
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    Not as many as you think. Most left for reasons other than Jill.

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