Link: Offshoring of U.S. Jobs to Bush Policies AND Bush Campaign Contributors

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    At Least 53,000 Jobs Shipped Offshore by 29 Companies That Provided 23 Rangers and Pioneers and Gave $19.1 Million to Bush and the Republican National Committee

    ...It would be an oversimplification to suggest that the Bush administration wholeheartedly
    supports policies that facilitate the offshoring of American jobs because of sizable campaign
    contributions from the companies that benefit from those policies. The role of money in politics
    sometimes works in more subtle ways than such a blatant quid pro quo.
    As an unabashedly free-market, free-trade politicia n, it is no surprise that President Bush
    supports policies that result in the export of jobs to the lowest-cost countries – thereby enabling
    American companies to maximize their profits.
    But what sizable campaign contributions from industry help ensure is that candidates who
    support unfettered offshoring policies are elected to office. Such financial support also
    guarantees a high level of access to decision- makers in the executive branch and Congress.
    Public Citizen examined the campaign contributions to President Bush from the 29 leading
    companies in the three industry sectors that have emerged as active offshorers of white-collar
    jobs – financial services (11 companies), computer products and services (12 companies), and
    telecommunications (6 companies). These 29 companies have provided substantial support to
    Bush campaign efforts since the 2000 election cycle...

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