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Discussion in 'Games' started by Husker, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I started a career with Lincoln City recently and got them promoted in their first year to 1st division. Right now I'm making a couple of strong runs in 2 of the Cups but my form in the league is starting to struggle because of my lack of depth. I'm approaching the January 1 transfer window and right now I've got about 7500 to spend. I can also sell one of my player and bring in anywhere from 1000 to 7500.

    Does anyone know of some quality players for under 10,000. I'd really like to get a better GK and some help in the backline.
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    Sounds like you're playing a management game, in which case you'll get no advice from me as to which players to go for (the joys of crap managment).

    However, two pieces of advice. Firstly it might help to actually help to name the game which you are playing (including which version), together with the season you're in, players will differ from title to title. Also if you are playing one of the SI titles, there is a forum for that.

    Secondly, letting people know what currency you are using would make a difference. Are you using your local currency (the dollar), or do you prefer to play with the currency of the country where you are managing (sterling), or perhaps something random as some players do.

    As your question stands, it is pretty much impossible for someone to answer.
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    I started with Leyton Orient in Fifa biggest beef with this game is that you don't get a large number of points to upgrade every time you are promoted.

    I started in league championship 2 and have made it to the first division... and have been able to get upgrade my staff to one star...and without making one purchase...I've only accumulated 24k and am playing against much better players (Tottenham, Man City, Watford, WBA are well ahead of me) when my best player is 2.5 stars.

    Oct 8, 2004
    Lincoln City FC

    Fantastic! at least you are managing a good team :D

    Sorry I can't be any help with the game as I don't know which one it is :confused:

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