Life expectancy for a Stadium.

Discussion in 'MLS: Expansion' started by pc4th, Sep 21, 2003.

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    How long does a stadium actually last? I am trying to get some idea how long will a SSS last like the Home Depot Center for example. Maybe by comparing to other stadiums in general (not domes) and specifically soccer stadium, we can predict/guess/estimate how long will a stadium like HDC or Frisco Stadium or the one that will be up in Rochester, or Crew Stadium will be around.
    I would venture an uneducated guess that the life expectancy for the Home Depot Center would be around 40 years.
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    Well, it's gonna have to last a good long time because soccer doesn't have the money thrown at it that other sports do at the moment. maybe in 20 years that will have changed and we won't have to be so worried about whether these stadiums currently being built can stand the test of time!
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    Jun 14, 2003
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    Nah, you mistook my intention. I am just curious to see how long a stadium will last. For example, a 40 million dollars stadium lasting for 40 years would mean that it costs 1 million a year (excluding money inflation). That is what I am aiming at.

    Anyway, here is a link to the Dallas Forum with new pictures and discussion about the new Frisco stadium (i am posting the link for those that do not surf on the individual board frequently) discuss there, not here.

    thus far, the picture looks great. Though there seems to be only 1 roof though.

    okay, back to topic.
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    Apr 11, 2000
    Figure some of the stadiums for other sports in this country are nearly a century old. If maintenance is kept up and renovations done when needed, these stadiums could remain useable for a good while.

  5. mpruitt

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    Feb 11, 2002
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    yeah Fenway park has been around for just a little while, 91 years actually.
  6. dcufan1984

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    wrigley field and yankee stadium are very old as well.

    soldier field, home of the chicago fire, is also a relatively old stadium.
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    A lot of the stadiums that have been replaced in recent years were not replaced because they had to be but because team owners wanted luxury boxes and the latest amenities for fans, etc.
    A few are in need of replacement because the upkeep is so high just because of the age and renovations would not be worth the cost.
    The Rose Bowl could go on, and likely will, for many decades more with just periodic "face lifts" as they have been doing. The first game there was on October 28, 1922. I had really good seats! :)
    There just is no answer to how long a stadium will last as there are so many factors.
  8. Stilger

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    I think that according to the IRS, buildings are depreciated over a fifty year period. I'm also pretty sure they don't use a strait-line depreciation schedule either, instead you would depreciate a larger portion up front and less every year until the building was fully depreciated (value on books hits $0). If it was still in use after that time you would have to adjust your books every year there after.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. The Voice of Reason!

    Jan 6, 2002
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    As stated, some stadiums last for a long damn time.

    but they do this because they are adaptable.

    Look at the big DI football stadiums. they are all built use specific. so untill the use of those stadiums change they should be able to last as long as they are structurally sound. the fact that may of them were built 80 years ago out of concrete means they have incredible lifetimes. Now the variable is that seating demand changes, and mano of those annient stadiums have expanded. and expanded for big $$. they are not totally concerned about the money as they have a tradition to uphold, or the honor of the state, or the pride of the Alumni. and these people throw money at the facilities to make the team better.
    I would say that every 20 years there is usually a decent sized reno done on these big stadiums, but alot of that is just repairs, and work on the luxury areas/media areas.

    in pro sports the tenure is much less. these stadiums were functional, but 10-15 years ago the shift towards entertainment happened, and these perfectly good stadiums are no longer up to snuff. they need to either undergo costly renovations, or build a new stadium. as with all construction it is cheaper to build from scratch than to renovate. a perfect example is chicagos 650 million re-do of Soldiar field. compare that to the 3-400 million stadium the texans have. Houston got more for less. Chicago now has the 2nd smallest stadium in the NFL at 61000 seats, and they will never host a superbown with that small a number. and if the market completely changes again, as in say for massive 100k seaters with less amenities, then Reliant in Houston would be ill equiped, and would maybe destroyed and rebuilt. but in the pros it comes down to what the city/county/state will pony up, and what the team owners will provide. if they want a new stadium every 10 years, and will pay for it you bet they will get it.

    As far as soccer stadiums are concerned, you have to look at their size as an obvious potential for change. with 20k-28k being the current range it is obvious that some day if the marked demands it owners will be expanding their stadiums. places like Crew stadium will be making it more comfortuble. they actually already have. but surely will again. you can count on LA needing more capacity within 10 years. certainly expanding within 20. Rochester has already designed their stadium to be built in 3 stages. kind of 3.5 now with the final design opening not fully complete. their stages allow for increased attendance as they go, and once "completed will hold some 22k people. if at that point. say 12 years from now. they are averaging 18k+ and selling out all of their boxes, and half of their games they may expand. why not. why not add another 5k seats for the big games. and add 10 more boxes if demand is there. sure they would then average 20k in a 27k stadium, but revenues would be up signifigantly with extra boxes. it is all a game of revenues.
    I imagine LA is capable of some signifigant expansion before they would have to re-build completely. I imagine 40k or so. Also I assume Frisco will be able to accomodate 35k at max build out. Rochester 28k , I know 35 was once mentioned but i dont know with the new plan. C-Bus, 35 also.
    Taking a 20k stadium and pumping it with steroids can only go so far. there is a point, and that point is where the city is willing to pay money to accomodate the team. and the team is part of the city fabric. only then will this first wave of stadia need replacement. and these new stadiums fall in the 40k expandable to 60k size. they also come with more luxuries. they may never come at all. they are more likely to look like Gillette stadium, safeco in Seattle, or Phillys new digs. because 40k looks and feels good in a big stadium. but these big stadiums would definately have to take care of the soccer as they are major tennants at that point.

    man I wrote alot. now does it make any sense?
  10. Scoey

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    Oct 1, 1999
    That's my vague recollection from my Tax class, but who knows.

    I think stadium life has more to do with whether the stadium maximizes profit opportunities and the feasability of replacing/upgrading than it does with actual useful life.
  11. modenafc1912

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    Jan 28, 2003
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    Totally agree. Our stadium was built in early '30s and we kept it as it was (with some minimal adjustments, new bathrooms ...) till a couple of years ago, when we totally rebuilt just to make it more suitable to serie A standards.
    All above to say stadiums are expected to last a long time, even 100 years and more, why not?!?

    NACIONAL New Member

    Dec 31, 2001
    Medellin, Colombia
    Our stadium was built in 1953 (a month ago we celebrated its 50th birthday)..., but compared with today standards... well...... kinda sucks....

    this picture is very old... now we have some luxury boxes and a lot of new paint... its a little better now... but we still need seats...

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