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Discussion in 'Blackburn Rovers' started by blkbrnrvr, Oct 27, 2004.

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    looks like Hughes will have some money to spend in January. I doubt that it will be an extravagant amount, so we may have to find some guys that could be had somewhat cheap or on loan.

    Daniel Gabbidon- Cardiff
    Hughes knows him well from his Wales days, and he may be available at a reasonable price. Would definitely improve things in the back.
    Wes Brown- Man U
    I put his name in here only because I've seen it thrown around here and there as a target. He's had his problems with injuries and spotty play at times, but once again, he would be an improvement in defense.
    We definitely need a striker, but I'm somewhat at a loss for who we could possibly go after in that department.
    With the turnover at West Brom, would Jason Koumas be interested in reuniting with Mark Hughes? If so, I'd like to see us go after him to line up beside Ferguson in the middle. I just don't think Tugay or Flitcroft can give us the type of play we need in the middle of the park anymore, while Koumas could.
    The bottom line for me is this side needs to get much more athletic in the back, mainly central defense, and could stand to get alot more flair going forward.

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