Lennard Maloney at 1.FC Heidenheim

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Dave Marino-Nachison, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Maloney played the whole match, albeit somewhat conservatively in the part I watched, of a 4-1 win that relegated Koln and Damian Downs. Should mean he's healthy enough to be named to the Copa America or Olympic (over age) squads, but very TBD whether he'll be chosen. Congrats on a very successful season nonetheless - really exceeded expectations personally and as a squad.
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    Sooooo… if Leverkusen wins the DFB final then Heidenheim and probably Maloney will be playing Europa League next year. Crazy times! (This is assuming that Leverkusen CL is because they are the DFB Pokal winner and not taking the slot for being top 5. Thus pushing a CL slot down the table to 6th, which pushes the Europa slots down to 8th, which is where the “little team that could” sits.

    edit: not Europa League but Conference League playoff is where Heidenheim sits if Leverkusen wins DFB! Just found a good summary of scenarios.

    Fun fact: the 2 goals that loanee Dinkci put in actually shot himself in the foot. The goal difference put Heidenheim at 8th ahead of Bremen (his home club) and also Freiburg (where he will be on loan next year).

    Such a great story for this club, how they’ve come up through the ranks with the same coach over the years. Pretty cool. Read upwards in this thread if you haven’t already.

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