Lemmy - Proud to be bisexual.

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    Wouldn't have guessed it when I saw them live....

    “I am proud of being a bisexual”

    Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister is a Rock n Roll icon. His legendary band MOTORHEAD has been going on strong for over 30 years, and there looks like no signs of the band, or the man faltering.

    "I play Rock n' Roll to the max," he told VH1, "Motorhead are a Rock n' Roll band, devoted to partying, booze, and sex". Sex is something Lemmy Kilmister is renowned for. The man claims to have bedded thousands of women, including ladies from Penthouse and Playboy. Lemmy isn't the most good looking of all chaps, but he's definitely turns humans on, whether with his music or with his lifestyle.

    But has his life been all women all the time?

    "People have difficulties overcoming guilt", Lemmy said, "One thing that makes us feel guilty is our sexuality. I know many good people who are gay or bisexual, and I'm proud to say that I can Rock and booze with the best of them. Why? Well, because I am one."

    You heard right, Lemmy has decided to come clean and spill the truth out to all his fans.

    "My sexual urge for females was always a driving force to the music. Songs like 'Limb From Limb' and 'Make My Day' were written as odes to the female body. But sometimes we, as men, can not always find females to be the more... err... nourishing gender sometimes. Y'know what I mean? Sometimes this... feeling takes you over and you wanna experiment and try out new stuff. I am proud of being a bisexual, and this still doesn't mean I don't want a little bit of p**** on the side (laughs)."

    "Prejudices are always hard to break. But I don't give a ********** about what others think of me. Motorhead has never been about the critics. It's all the music. Just because I enjoy some guys doesn't mean jack. I still churn out the music every f'n night, all the ********king time. I am proud of my fans, and they know that I always give 100%."
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    It's fake.
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    sounds like a man who has made his money and doesn't give a sh!t anymore.

    and let me be the first to say it:

    not that there's anything wrong with that.

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