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    Hello, I am a Bosnian fan who has a few questions about Leixoes.

    A couple talented youngsters moved from my club FK Sarajevo just this past day.

    Nedim Hadzic and Demirel Veladzic. Both are very talented, especially Nedim. Nedim was even listed in the Guardian's top 60 talents to look out for in his generation. Did they make the right move? How much exposure does Leixoes have to the top clubs in Portugal? I know Benfica is an incredible club for finding youth players.
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    The only thing incredible about Benfica is their ability to fix matches, pay refs, bribe officials, and pretty much any other corrupt task you can think of. They're scum.

    As far as Leixoes, that's a great come up for them! They were in the first division for a few years, but are often relegated. They were just involved in a huge match-fixing scandal last year so I can't imagine they're in good shape right now.
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    How could you possibly speak after some of Sporting's recent results :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Which results are you referring to? let me guess, the 90+9 minutes ?

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