Leeds handed new sanction by FA

Discussion in 'Leeds' started by Dyvel, Sep 7, 2007.

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    The League and FA can suck my balls.

    We're going up anyway.
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    A brief rundown:

    The FA has withdrawn our membership due to our failure to satisfy non-footballing creditors. Basically because the Revenue appealed our CVA unreasonably, the CVA was scrapped, leaving non-footballing creditors out of pocket. The FL requires that all football creditors owed anything from transfer fees and wages be paid up front in full.

    Once upon a time Her Majesties Revenue and Customs were given the same consideration. This was taken away a few years ago, so football clubs follow different rules from any other business undergoing the same procedure. HMRC doesn't like this and belligerently appealed the CVA (Company Voluntary Agreement) at 3:30pm on the deadline day. This was done to provoke a court case, to test the legal stance of the FL's rule. They made it clear they would have appealed even if we offered 100% as they want the court case. Every creditor has the right to appeal a CVA to the high court. HMRC's actions meant that the CVA was scrapped as unworkable, and Leeds were sold back to Cuddly Ken (of whom my opinion has totally changed, I think he acted in our best interest).

    HMRC dropped the case two days before it was due to be heard, because there was no-one to sue. The Football League shot itself in the foot by voting for a punishment, because the next club going into admin, probably a lower league club without our income level, will face exactly the same issue. The FA have expelled us for coming out of admin without a CVA, which was impossible.


    Erm? Just a touch above f*ck all. All it means is that we can't vote at any FA meetings, we don't get ticket allocations for the FA Cup Final which we won't reach as Wise has already said he'll play the kids in cup games, and now Leeds fans are even angrier. The entire stadium stood last Saturday and we were all giving the middle finger singing "F*ck off! To the Football league, F*ck Off"

    The funniest thing is that the fans have united behind Bates now, and I can't wait for tomorrow. I rang the Ticket Office today, and they expect a crowd of around 30,000. Impressive for a League One game against Hartlepool. I'll try and get some recording of the atmosphere, as my season ticket is in N9 in the Kop. It has been pretty incredible home and away watching Leeds this season. For the first time since our run to the Playoff final, I've looked forward to going to every game.

    TEAM NEWS: Alan Thompson is out injured.

    Former whites Ian Moore and Robbie Elliott should play a part for Hartlepool.


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