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Discussion in 'Player' started by NewDadaCoach, May 26, 2021.

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    I play with a lot of Spanish speakers. I would say about 70% of the people I play with speak Spanish. And of them a few speak only Spanish.
    But I only speak English. So sometimes they talk Spanish to each other and I feel left out.

    Also, my kid plays with even more Spanish speakers than me. Should I get him to learn Spanish. Would it help in the long run with his soccer development or just feeling like he fits in?
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    I've been in that situation for a lot of my playing career. 99% of the time, the non-English and non-Spanish players know what the conversation is about or someone is willing to do a quick translation. An experienced player can easily figure out what the their teammate is communicating. Halftime speeches in a different language is different, but again someone will translate the important stuff.

    It would never hurt to learn a second language. Someone who has taken just first year Spanish should understand enough to pickup and learn other phrases quickly.
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