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    Jan 25, 2001
    After nine years, there have been 5,563 goals scored by MLS teams in official games, including the regular season, playoffs, open cup, and continental competitions (counting Champions Cup, Merconorte, Interamerican Cup, Giants Cup, Recopa; not counting friendly cups like La Norte, the Korean Peace Cup). Here are the leaders of those nine years. Enjoy.


    91-Jason Kreis
    88-Roy Lassiter
    82-Raul Diaz Arce
    78-Jaime Moreno
    77-Ante Razov
    65-Ronald Cerritos
    62-Brian McBride
    62-Jeff Cunningham
    59-Cobi Jones


    13-Roy Lassiter
    12-Jaime Moreno
    11-Carlos Ruiz
    10-Ante Razov
    10-Landon Donovan
    9-Brian McBride
    8-Raul Diaz Arce
    8-Stern John
    7-Mauricio Cienfuegos

    Open Cup

    10-Jaime Moreno
    8-Brian McBride
    8-Dante Washington
    7-Abdul Thompson Conteh
    7-Chris Albright
    7-Josh Wolff
    6-5 tied


    9-Roy Lassiter
    6-Carey Talley
    4-Chris Brown
    4-Dema Kovalenko
    4-Edson Buddle
    4-Eduardo Hurtado
    3-7 tied


    111-Roy Lassiter
    102-Jaime Moreno
    99-Jason Kreis
    98-Raul Diaz Arce
    96-Ante Razov
    79-Brian McBride
    72-Ronald Cerritos
    71-Jeff Cunningham
    70-Cobi Jones

    Overall Team Leaders

    CHI-Ante Razov, 95
    COL-Paul Bravo, 46
    CLB-Brian McBride, 79
    DAL-Jason Kreis, 99
    DC-Jaime Moreno, 100
    KC-Preki, 79
    LA-Cobi Jones, 70
    MET-Giovanni Savarese, 44
    NE-Taylor Twellman, 53
    SJ-Ronald Cerritos, 59

    MIA-Diego Serna, 59
    TB-Roy Lassiter, 44

    MLS Single Season

    27-Roy Lassiter (1996)
    26-Stern John (1998)
    26-Mamadou Diallo (2000)
    24-Carlos Ruiz (2002)
    24-Raul Diaz Arce (1996)
    23-Taylor Twellman (2002)
    21-Eduardo Hurtado (1996)
    19-Cobi Jones (1998)
    19-Alex Pineda Chacon (2001)
    18-7 tied

    Overall Single Season

    35-Carlos Ruiz (2002)
    34-Roy Lassiter (1996)
    30-Raul Diaz Arce (1996)
    30-Stern John (1998)
    29-Mamadou Diallo (2000)
    28-Roy Lassiter (1998)
    25-Stern John (1999)
    25-Ante Razov (2000)
    25-Taylor Twellman (2002)
    24-Eduardo Hurtado (1996)

    Team Totals

    (MLS, Playoffs, Open Cup, Continental)

    601-Los Angeles (468-71-42-20)
    600-DC (469-55-43-33)
    530-Columbus (441-37-45-7)
    494-Dallas (417-30-45-2)
    486-San Jose (414-30-32-10)
    484-Kansas City (399-42-27-16)
    468-Chicago (362-44-44-18)
    467-Metrostars (404-23-36-4)
    447-New England (402-21-21-3)
    422-Colorado (385-20-14-3)
    335-Tampa Bay (312-12-11-0)
    229-Miami (199-6-24-0)

    5563-Overall (4672-391-384-116)

    I have also posted the leaders for each team on the respective team boards. Here are some links.











    Kansas City:


    Los Angeles:




    New England:


    San Jose:




    Tampa Bay:

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Thanks for putting this together, SI. One suggestion for future lists: it'd be nice to see a bit more info about active leaders (bold above) ... how quickly are Twellman and Ruiz making ground?
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    OMG Jamie Moreno scored his 100th career goal and no one knew?
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    Jan 25, 2001
    A short update:

    Colorado's overall goals should be 421, not 422. This is because there was one MLS game where it doubled as an Open Cup game (COL 1-0 TB, 8/13/99).

    So while the line of (385-20-14-3) is still correct, you have to subtract one for the overall number. This also gives Jorge Dely Valdes 19 overall goals, despite having scored 17 in MLS and 3 in the Open Cup, if anyone was wondering.
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    Twellman (with 6 in '05) now has 52 MLS goals. Ruiz (with 5) has 55.

    I'd be curious (and I doubt anyone has the time to do this, or find the stats) to know how many of those goals by both are during the run of play and not just PKs.
  6. Tyler66

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    Apr 22, 2004
    This took me about two minutes:

    Twellman has scored 3 PKs (3 for 5)
    Ruiz has scored 14! (14 for 17) About a 4th of his career goals have been PKs! Including 7 in 2003!
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    Hilarious. Chicago has out-scored three teams that have played two more years of soccer than them. You should add in a goal-per-game stat to make it more interesting. I would, but I have to run.
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    Jan 25, 2001
    Actually, another small thing: Since Colorado only has 421 overall goals, not 422, then the total I mentioned at the start of the thread is also off by one. It's 5,562.
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    Oct 21, 2003
    Carlos Ruiz has 78 goals scored in MLS, hes only on single season lists. Would not doubt if he hit 90 total goals after this season alone.. If he plays in MLS next year, He will probolly become the most prolific goal scorer in MLS history.. in only 4 years. That should say something.

    On a personal Note, I really hate the guy. But I will give credit where credit is due.. he can find the net with the best of them.
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    in sin

    don't remind me about the G's horrible performance in that cup
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    I would like to offer a couple meaningless yet interesting goal scoring tidbits:

    Steve Ralston has the most career league goals for a player never having launched a 10 goal season with 50 career goals (96: 7, 97: 5, 98: 5, 99: 5, 00: 5, 01: 7, 02: 5, 03: 4, 04: 7). Chris Klein is second with 36.


    The MetroStars have been led in goals by a South American for their first 7 seasons of existence (Savarese 96-98, Hurtado 99, Valencia 00, Faria 01-02).

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