Layoffs in Revolution Front office

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by lufty, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. lufty

    lufty Member

    Aug 21, 2000
    I donno if any of you guys follow the Revolution boards but apparently the Revolution laid off 7 front office people yesterday. With only 1 and 1/2 months til the MLS Cup and only 5 staffers to get ready for this game... It doesn't look good for us fans in NE. It seems that we have alway been treated like the "why can't you be like your brother" son to the Krafts and this just proves it. Its really too bad too cause the people they let go were some fine people. One, even had a new born. :-( If the Revs don't break atleast even averaging 16000 + per game and charging 15 dollars for parking, paying for only half the consession stands to be open on the lower bowl, then what are the chances any of these other teams are amking any money. Makes ya wonder!
  2. usbfc

    usbfc New Member

    Sep 8, 2000
    New York City
    Is it a soccer-specific stadium built for the Revs alone? Then the deal sucks.
  3. redondo10

    redondo10 New Member

    Apr 17, 2001
    all with kids

    word has it that all 7 let go had kids, more than one had newborns.

    I think its the people that make up the quality of an organization. Like you said, they let some quality people go.

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