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    I have watched Lavelle's career since the 2016 u20 WC. I am not completely convinced that she will have the strength and durability to really make a long term impact. I hope she does because I see her as in the model of the technical creative players I would like to see appear on rosters more frequently.

    I also had stated that I thought she might have been disappointed in her senior performance at Wisconsin due to her lack of productivity. I got flamed...

    "What is the next evolution for you?

    Something that I take away from college is that I don’t think I did enough, I wasn’t productive enough for Wisconsin. I don’t think stats are the be-all and end-all, but I don’t think I scored enough for them, or created enough chances. So I want to work on finishing, creating more chances in the final third."
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    That was a good interview. Most interviews are a lot of fluff. There's actual opinion and detail there!

    And not the drama creating kind of opinion.

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