Lattest stupid rumor. Real Madrid is going to buy the Galaxy.

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by DANNO49, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. DANNO49

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    Feb 6, 2001
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    Thats right folks. I heard that rumor, Real has wanted a presence in the USA . And some people are sayiing it involves buying the Galaxy or Chicago. :confused:
  2. eejit

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    Jun 10, 2004
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  3. WestLooper

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    Apr 17, 2005

    WHOLMAN2 New Member

    Dec 4, 2000
    Lahs Angeleez
    Rumours was one of Fleetwood Mac's best selling records.

    Stupid rumors don't sell anything, they just bring grief.

    Aside from that, Real Madrid has enough debt on their hands. Becoming an SUM partner would be a losing proposition for them. The fact the Malcolm Glazer ignored MLS and chose to plunk down £270 million for Manchester United is a tip and a ½ for Real Madrid to stay as far away from MLS as possible.

    Besides, AEG only wants to keep two teams, and LA is one of them. Just ask San Jose fans.
  5. ray of light

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    May 14, 2003
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    Dont trust them, I'm spanish from Madrid and i use to follow the news there. No news at all about that. Sleep well guys, just a stupid gossip.
  6. Dammit!

    Dammit! Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    Mickey Mouse Land
    Perhaps we can become "the Real LA Galaxy of Madrid"?
  7. Jabinho

    Jabinho New Member

    May 29, 2004
    Or.. The Los Angeles Real Galaxy of Carson.. :)
  8. DevilDave

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    Sep 29, 2001
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    The Los Angeles Galacticos!

    I was just thinking, if a club that knows how to cater to its right-wing fascist supporters became L.A.'s new owners, it might be an improvement over the current regime in charge of the Galaxy... ;)
  9. Brownswan

    Brownswan New Member

    Jun 30, 1999
    Port St. Lucie, FL
    You got your fine-and-dandy stadium, didn't you? I wouldn't start worrying about fascists till HDC security shows up in jackboots.
  10. blech

    blech Member+

    Jun 24, 2002
    it would make more sense for them to buy Real Salt Lake
  11. Brannigan

    Brannigan New Member

    May 17, 2005
    La Coruña
    You were thinking? This mental fart came out your mind after thinking? In that case, let me tell you you are an **************. And the fascist is your father, if you know who he is.

    About the rumor, it doesn't make any sense from an European perspective. A football club buying another? :confused: I don't know if from an American cultural-sport point of view it makes sense, but I don't understand why on earth would RM want to buy another club. I don't even know if it would be legally possible.
  12. FreeNachos

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    Apr 10, 2001
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    Even if Real Madrid did buy the Galaxy, how would that hurt anything? I heard the Hunt Sports Group was interested in buying a European team and that's NOT a rumor. Again...don't see what that means but there you go.

    Go Real Club Deportivo De Los Angeles Galaxy of Carson - USA...F.C.!
  13. CyphaPSU

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    Mar 16, 2003
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    I think Real Madrid vice president Emilio Butragueno made it quite clear in the press conference that Real have no ambitions at this time of investing in an MLS club. He sounded as if that thought never has even crossed their minds. Check the audio archive of the press conference announcing the Galaxy vs. Real friendly.

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